Nikos Kazeros

Nikos Kazeros

He lives and works in Athens (Greece). He graduated the School of Architecture at AUTH (Thessaloniki, 1988) and attended the Inter-Departmental Postgraduate Courses Program: “Architecture-Spatial Design : Architectural Design-Space-Culture” NTUA (Athens, 2000). He was awarded 1st Prize in a Europe-wide architectural competition for the remodelling of Monastiraki Square (Athens, 1998). Founder and member of architects / artists group “Urban Void” /Astiko Keno, (1998 - ). Co-editor of the books:Without Limits: the Vast Lands of the Athenian Suburbs” (2003) and “Urban Void: Actions 1998-2006” (2007). Articles of his on issues relating to the city, to the urban landscape and public space, have appeared in journals, collective publications and newspapers. Participation in architectural conferences, competitions and exhibitions. He has taught architectural design and cultural geography in public and private schools of architecture in Greece. Senior lecturer at Metropolitan College (Athens, 2015-present) Research activity on public space and the transformations of the urban life and landscape.


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