Manolis Vourakis

Manolis Vourakis

Manolis Vourakis is an internationally fully qualified Architect Engineer and one of the co-founders of three Architectural practices:

OFFICETWENTYFIVEARCHITECTS in Greece, OFFICETWENTYFIVEARCHITECTURE LLP in the UK and d-twentyfive Architecture and Development GmbH in Germany.

Since the last 15 years Manolis, as a principal member of these architectural practices, has participated with his team in several architectural projects all over the world, including new and refurbished residential developments, office buildings, sports and cultural centers, shopping malls and urban design studies.

In addition to these various projects, Manolis has participated in more than 85 national and international architectural competitions, some of them funded by the Greek state and some of them initiated by private interests gaining high distinctions in most of them.

All the projects and completions that have been undertaken by Manolis and his team, have been approached holistically from the concept design stage to the completion stage, proving that he has a robust experience in conceptual design and excellent organizing and managing skills. Member of Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE), no 70443, since 1995 (22year experience) RIBA member, reg. no 12281364, since 2006 (11 years) Design degree in category 6 '(Architectural Studies) Class II and Design degree in category 7' (Special Architectural Studies), Class II’.

As an Architect, he is among the founders of OFFICETWENTYFIVEARCHITECTS that specializes in the fields of architecture, design and development.

During his career in OFFICETWENTYFIVEARCHITECTS he has successfully undertaken numerous projects for various types of construction. Apart from drawing design, he has experience in the conceptual and technical drawing design, gained through his participation in competition, as well as, the projects assigned for constructions. (Including residential, public administration, educational and office buildings, cinemas, shopping centers, museums etc.)

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